Welcome to my personal digital space! Glad you dropped by.

I'm a writer, startup hound, digital strategist, experience designer, content junkie, and therapist. In my blog, articles, and books, you'll catch me reflecting on the fast paced life of digital living and leaning in on the science and not so scientific aspects of psychology, project management, and user experience design.

I'm an avid distance runner, hiker, and traveler. I'm also a Gulf War veteran.  Oh, and as a "tree hugger" born from summers traipsing around the Appalachian Mountains as a child, I'm passionate about innovations that make the environment and world a better place. Check out some of my projects below. If you're interested in connecting, drop me a line at [email protected] and we'll make it happen. 

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My personal motto is helping others help themselves. It's through my books, articles, training, and webinars that I am fortunate enough to do just that - provide tools and experiences that help people achieve their goals.

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* Wrote & published a self-paced training guide book for for communication & digital specialists, journalists, and public relations specialist

* Wrote & published a self-paced training guide book for administrative assistants and managers

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* Co-wrote and manage Making Projects Work  workshop

* Designed, published, and delivered 10 webinars on a variety of project management topics

* Designed and wrote content for My PM Coach​


I have led or participated in projects for the following: software and user experience design; digital strategy; brand design and development; marketing, advertising, and communications strategy; business development and fundraising; video design and production; crowdfunding, and ecommerce.

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Production & Commerce

Designed and developed the digital and commerce strategy for an outdoor shopping television show

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Design & Development

Designed, branded, and developed a digital presence for an orchard, special events, and accomodations farm

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Product & Content Design

Using a gamification approach, designed and development interactive experiences and research rich contextual content for couples in committed relationships.

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Crowdfunding & Social Strategy

Creative director and project manager for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the only large scale alpaca, bison, yak, and other natural fibers manufacturing plant in the U.S.


During my time in the US Air Force, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that ranged from location readiness exercises to White House support. The military took me to 23 wonderful countries and offered me a truly immersive cultural experiences that opened my eyes and my heart to the rich tapestry of people around the globe.

* Joint Task Force for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA

* C-17 Reliability, Maintainability, & Availability Evaluation: A one-year test of the US Air Force newest strategic aircraft. 

* Operation GREEN CLOVER – planned and executed personnel movement in South America

* Operation BALTIC CHALLENGE 98 in Lithuania

* Exercise PATRIOT GALAXY in US; tested unit wartime readiness and effectiveness.

* Exercise PATRIOT PALMETTO in US; tested unit wartime readiness and effectiveness.

* Exercise CRISIS LOOK in US. Planned and executed a project that required moving 1,509,860 pounds of cargo and 1,732 passengers in one week.

* Operation PROVIDE HOPE in Haiti – supported from stateside location

* Hurricane ANDREW in Homestead, FL: Coordinate base support for 137 aircraft missions in a 48-hour period.

* White House Communications Presidential Support in Brazil

* Operation Restore Hope in Somalia


* US President's Visit to Charleston AFB, SC

* Operation PROVIDE COMFORT in Turkey - Gulf War

* Operation DESERT STORM in Turkey - Gulf War

* Operation DESERT SHIELD in Turkey - Gulf War